Lincoln Power Wave S500 Advanced Process Welder

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SKU: K3168-1
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Pulsed perfection, Modular flexibility

The Power Wave® S500 is a robust Mulit-Process pulse welding machine following the new modular concept. The unit can be combined with either the LF45 or PF10(D) wire feed units or upgraded to a water cooled package by adding the COOL ARC® 50. Included as part of the modular concept is the new STT module which turns the package into a professional STT machine.
As standard the machine is supplied with a full set of CV and Pulse programs. In addition advanced welding programs such as Power Mode® and Rapid Arc® are included.Like all new Power Waves, the S500 CE is equipped with an Ethernet connector. Free Lincoln software such as Production Monitoring are available for the S500. Lincoln Electric supplies free software updates including weld modes through powerwavesoftware.com

► Multi-Process: As standard the machine is supplied with Pulse, standard CV but also advanced processes like Rapid Arc®, Power Mode™ and Pulse on Pulse™ more than 60 weld modes inside
► A variety of materials are supported; Steel, Stainless, Aluminium but also High Nickel and CuSi.
► RapidArc® for a higher travel speed and less Heat Input with steel and Stainless.
► PowerMode® reduces spatter and improves appearance even of low voltage applications on steel & stainless steel, also beneficial for high deposition on aluminium.
► S2F for premium Aluminium welding
► Clearing Pulse providing a clean wire tip without a ball, ready to restart.
► STT module is available transforming the machine into a STT/Pulse welding machine.
► Water Cooled when combined with the COOL ARC® 50 water cooler.
► Meets IEC974-1, ROHS and CE standards for safety and reliability.

Product Number Product Name Input Power Rated Output Current/ Voltage/ Duty Cycle Fuse size Output



H x W x D (mm)

Net Weight


K3168-1 PW S500 400/3/50-60 500A @ 60% 60A 40-550A 570 x 356 x 630 68.0


Note: All Lincoln Electric UK Ltd products are subject to Lincoln Electric UK Ltd ‘EQUIPMENT LIMITED WARRANTY’ terms. (Copy available on request)


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