Cougartron Power30



The Cougartron Power30 is an effective weld cleaner for all stainless steel TIG welds. This new weld cleaning machine effectively removes all types of weld discolouration with a convenient dual output voltage for two modes of weld cleaning.

Key features
• Fast and effective cleaning power for all kinds
of TIG welds
• Easy integration with FL10 or FL20 fluid feed
systems (see p. 32)
• 4m work lead and earth lead as standard
• Cougartron twist shroud as standard for
smart, easy brush length control
• Splashproof membrane control panel is easily
wiped clean
• Compact & easily transportable
• Dual input voltage – use the same machine on
a 110V or 230V power supply


Technical data

Power supply: 110/230V version — 110-230 V AC, 50/60Hz, 4A
Power supply: 110V version — N/A
Power supply: 230V version — N/A
Weld-cleaning: Amp range — 5-30A, 5A increments
Weld-cleaning: Voltage range — 10-14 V AC
Polishing: Amp range — N/A
Polishing: Voltage range — N/A
Marking: Amp range — 2-10A, 2A increments
Marking: Voltage range — 10 V AC
Duty cycle — 100%
Detachable handle — No
Input cable length — 1.5m
Output cable length — 4m
Output cable Size  — 10mm2
Brush holder options — 1
Fluid feed compatible — Yes
Size (machine only) H (with handle up) 378mm,
W 220mm, D 170mm
Enclosure protection — IP64
Certification — CE, UL, CSA, RCM


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