Introducing the WELDBRUSH, the latest in fast and effective welding cleaning technology from the leaders in the field.

Cleans and polishes metal welds with ease

The fast and inexpensive Weldbrush is compact, rugged, acid resistant and easy to carry.

This single unit will clean stainless steel, brass and bronze, after they have been heat tinted, TIG, MIG or Spark welded.

As well as cleaning, the unit can electro-polish, mark or brush electro-plate the same metals.


Sliding Shroud for cleaning power

Our patented Sliding Shroud is the white shroud at the end of the wand.

This will not only protect the shell of the brush from shorting in confined spaces, but also by restricting the splay of the brush, the cleaning power is concentrated into a smaller and better defined area.


  • One step cleaning and passivation
  • Cleans and polishes metal welds with ease
  • Works on stainless, brass and bronze
  • Available in 240V and 110V
  • Easily handles the toughest work
  • 100% duty cycle
  • 2 year warranty

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