Welding Helmet Tecmen Eagle Adjustable

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Extra Large Viewing Area: 95x85mm
Cartridge Size: 133x114x9mm
Optical Class: 1/2/1/1
Lens Shade: 6-9, 9-13 variable
Light State: Shade 3.5
Shade Control: Internal
Sensors: 4
Power On/Off: Automatic
Power Supply: Solar cells, batttery replaceable (1x CR2450 lithium battery)
Switch Time: 1/25,000 s
Sensitivity Control: Adjustable (infinitely dial knob)
Delay time (dark to light): 0.1~1.0s by infinitely dial knob
Grind Mode: Yes
Low TIG amps rated: >=2amps/DC; >=2amps/AC
Operating Temperature: -10C ~ +55C (14F ~ 131F)
Storing Temp: -20C ~ +70C (-4F ~ 158F)
Packaging:  Box
Application Range: Stick Welding (CD&AC); TIG (DC, DC Pulse); TIG (AC Pulse); Excellent low amperage TIG response; MIG/MAG (Pulse); Plasma Cutting/Welding; Grinding; Oxy-acetylene Welding/Cutting; Not for laser welding
Standard: CE, CSA, ANSI Z87.1, AS/NZS Approved



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