T&R CWF System Multi Wave TIG

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The T&R CWF is a dynamic high quality
Cold Wire Feed system designed to work
in conjunction with the Multi Wave range
of AC/DC or DC TIG welding machines.
The T&R Cold Wire Feed system is suited to applications
where precise repetitious results are required on a
wide variety of applications and materials.
The user friendly full function control panel
allows both skilled and semi-skilled operators the
opportunity to make accurate parameter adjustments
with relative ease, making the set up for any
application simple and uncomplicated.
Main Features:
• Works with any Multi Wave TIG
welder (except 200AC/DC)
• Welds Aluminium, Stainless
Steel, Carbon Steels etc.
• Synergic or manual parameter
• Popular TIG torch consumables
• 9 working modes.


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