TIG Welder Invertec V270-T AC/DC

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Perfect performance, digital dynamics

Ready to weld package, including TIG torch, earth lead and 2-gauge regulator

The Invertec® V270-T AC/DC is an industrial TIG welding machine able to perform at a high output.

The machines are equipped with a unique LCD user interface, not only showing welding parameters but also the effect on the arc.

Some of the standard features of these machines include the variable frequency control, allowing the welder to adjust the arc focus to suit the application.

The adjustable cleaning and penetration facility, a square wave AC form which can be set to an alternative wave form and adjustable Starting current. They can be simply changed to water cooled units by adding the COOL ARC® 34 Water Cooler.

  • Digital inverter technology allowing 100% reproducible results.
  • Superb welding characteristics with TIG AC, TIG DC and MMA processes.
  • Unique LCD user interface.
  • Adjustable cleaning and penetration for perfect aluminium welding
  • Variable AC frequency for control of travel speed and penetration
  • Adjustable Hot or Soft start to produce a better weld bead appearance at the start
  • Digital display allows precise setting of welding parameters
  • Fan on demand (F.A.N.™) built-in reduces power and the intake of dust and fumes.
  • Meet IEC974-1, ROHS and CE standards for safety and reliability.

Stick, TIG AC, TIG DC, TIG Pulse

Base Unit includes:
2m-input cable, Carrying strap, Gas connection kit.

Product Name Product Number Input Power Rated Output Current / Duty Cycle Fuse Size Output Range Dimensions H x W x D (mm) Net Weight (kg)
V270-T AC/DC K12045-1 230/400/3/50-60 270A/35% 20A 3-270A 432 x 280 x 622 28

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Ready to weld kit (water cooled), Ready to weld kit (air cooled), Air cooled machine only


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