Tecmen Sport Weld/Grind Solar Power Adjustable 9-13

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This is one of our best selling professional headshields/mask/helmet, with an optical clarity rated as 1/1/1/2 the clarity and quality is superb, so much so we have kitted out our welding school with this product, called ‘putting our money where our mouth is!’ I believe. These shields also come with a two year warranty and no external  batteries are required, all completely solar powered. We have just bulk purchased this product so enabling us to reduce the price even further. For more technical jargon please see below. 

Viewing Area: 98x44mm (3.86″x1.73″)
Cartridge Size: 110x90x0mm (4.33″x3.54″x0.35″)
Arc Sensor: 2
Light State: DIN 4
Dark State: DIN 9 ~ 13
Shade Control: External, Variable Shade
Power On/Off: Fully Automatic
Sensitivity Control: Adjustable (Low ~ High)
UV/IR Protection: Up to Shade DIN16 at all times
Power Supply: Solar Cell. No battery change required
Switching Time: 1/10,000 s from Light to Dark
Delay (Dark to Light): 0.25~0.30x at position
0.65~0.80x at 
Low Amperage TIG Rated: >= 10 amps
Operating Temp: -10C ~ +55C (14F ~ 131F)
Storing Temp: -20C ~ +70C (-4F ~ 158F)
Helmet Material: High Impact Resistance Nylon
Total Weight: 435g
Application Range: MIG; MAG/CO2; SMAW; Air carbon cutting; TIG; PLASMA arc welding/cutting
Approved: EN175, EN379

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