SWP Stealth Digi-Tig 200 AC/DC Pulse PFC MV Dual Voltage

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SWP Stealth Digi-Tig 200 AC/DC Pulse PFC MV Dual Voltage

Part No. 9011H

• Full digital control panel

• 0.5 – 200 pulse frequency

• Multi AC wave form choices

• Welds all forms of steels – including aluminium

Package includes:

  • 3m Argon hose
  • Amphenol plug

TIG Ready to weld packages include:
Air Cooled TIG Package consisting of:

Part No. 9821H
• WP17-12SZ Torch
• WP17AK Accessory Kit
• D3595-1-1 TIG Adaptor
• EC32LD Earth Lead 3 mtr
• EH32LD Electrode Lead 3 mtr

The DIGI-TIG 200 AC/DC PULSE PFC welding machine features:

The latest Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) power module, which can change work frequency to medium frequency so as to replace the traditional large transformer with a medium frequency transformer – making it smaller, portable light- weight and low consumption. The front panel parameters can be adjusted continuously and steplessly, such as start current, crater arc current, welding current, base current, duty ratio, upslope time, downslope time, pre-gas, post-gas, pulse frequency, hot start, arc force and arc length etc. When welding, it takes high frequency and high voltage for arc igniting to ensure the success ratio of igniting arc.

DIGI- TIG Welder 200 AC/DC PULSE PFC Characteristics

• MCU control system responds immediately to any changes.
• High frequency and high voltage arc ignition ensures successful arc ignition ratio. Reverse polarity ignition ensures efficient ignition during TIG-AC welding.
• Avoids AC arc-break. Even if arc-break occurs the HF will keep the arc stable.
• Pedal controls the welding current.
• TIG/DC operation. If the tungesten electrode touches the workpiece when welding, the current will drop to short-circuit current to protect tungsten.
• Intelligent protection – over-voltage, over-current, over-heat If the problems listed before occur, the alarm lamp on the front panel will light and the output current will be cut off. It can self-protect and prolong the working life.
• Dual purpose – AC inverter TIG/MMA and DC inverter TIG/MMA offer excellent performance on Al-alloy / carbon steel / stainless steel / titanium. Front panel function selections.
The following six welding ways can be realised: – DC MMA – DC TIG – DC Pulse TIG – AC MMA – AC TIG – AC Pulse TIG
  1. For DC MMA Welding– polarity connection can be selected according to different electrodes
  1. For AC MMA Welding– magnetic flow caused by invariable DC polarity can be avoided.
  2. For DC TIG Welding – DCEP is used normally (workpiece connected to positive polarity, while torch connected to negative polarity). This connection has many character- istics, such as stable welding arc, low tungsten pole loss, more welding current, narrow and deep weld.
  3. For AC TIG (rectangle wave) – arc is more stable than Sine AC TIG. At the same time maximum penetration is achieved with minimum tungsten pole loss to obtain better clearance effect.DC Pulsed TIG Welder has the following characteristics: – Pulse heating. Metal in Molten pool has short time on high temperature status and freezes quickly, which can reduce the possibility to produce hot crack of the materials with thermal sensitivity – Workpiece gets little heat. Arc energy is focused. Suitable for thin sheet and super thin sheet welding. – Exact control heat input and size of molten pool. Depth of penetration is even and suitable for welding one side and forming two sides and all position pipe welding.High frequency arc can make metal for microlite fabric, eliminate blowhole and improve the mechanical performance of the joint. It is also suitable for high welding speed for improved productivity. DIGI-TIG 200 AC/DC PULSE PFC welding machine is suitable for all welding positions for a variety of plates of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloyed steel, titanium, magnesium, cuprum, etc, also applied to pipe installation, mould repair, petro- chemical, architectural decoration, car repair, bicycle, handicraft and DIY.MMA Manual Metal Arc welding PWM Pulse-Width Modulation IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor TIG Tungsten Insert Gas weldingDownload more info here.

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