StrongHand 4-in-1 Clamp & Kit 165mm

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This strong, economical 4-IN-1 Clamp adapts to serve four different applications which saves set-up time and money.

Standard: The Sliding Arm Clamp is 10 times faster than a C-Clamp.

Pipe: Add the exclusive V-Pad to create a Pipe Clamp.

Spreader: Slide the clamp arm OFF and reverse, to create a Pipe Clamp.

Step-Over: Add the Extender Block to create a Step-Over Clamp.

Spring Loaded Stop: Allows removal and reversal of clamp arm for spreading applications.


Capacity:  165mm

Throat:  121mm

Rail Size:  22 x 11mm

Clamping Pressure:  460kg

Threaded Hole:  M10



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