The Mosa TS 400 KS-KSX/EL

This welder generator is an industrial quality, high specification, engine driven diesel welder generator for site welding work. The TS 400 welder provides 400 amps welding output and 110/240/415V/13KVA electrical auxiliary output, stepless welding power adjustment and a lockable super silenced canopy.

  • 400 amp DC welding output
  • Stepless electronic welding control
  • Arc control for cellulose electrodes
  • AC generator output – multi-voltage 13kVA
  • Electric start
  • Auto idle control
  • Super silenced canopy
  • EEC noise compliant
  • Remote control option
  • Optional site and road tow kits

Equipped with a KOHLER KD 625-2 diesel engine and an asynchronous alternator, they can be used simultaneously as a welder and as a three-phase and single-phase electrical generator up to 13 kVA. The welding current is continuous and can weld any kind of electrode (rutile, basic, cellulose) up to 8 mm in diameter.


Current Range (Continuous) 20 – 400A
Open Circuit Voltage 70V
Duty Cycle (Intermittent) 350A @ 60% 300A @ 100%
Electrode Diameters 2 – 8 mm
AC Generation – Three Phase 13 kVA 400V @ 100% Duty Cycle
AC Generation – Single Phase 7 kVA 230V @ 100% Duty Cycle
AC Generation – Single Phase C.T.E. 3.5 kVA 110V @ 100% Duty Cycle
Engine Type Lombardini 9LD625/2 Diesel, 4 Stroke
Engine Output 19.1 kW (26 HP)
Engine Speed 3000 rpm
Displacement/Cylinders 1250 cm3/2
Fuel Consumption 3.4 l/hr
Fuel Tank Capacity 26 Litres
Running Time @ 60% Load 8 Hours
Protection IP 23
Noise Level 93 LMA 68 dB(A)
Weight Kg 465
Dimensions (mm) 1455 x 870 x 880


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