• Standby Power (EAS) Facility – Emergency backup power supply in the event of mains failure
  • Economic – For both commercial and safety reasons a stanby generating set provides insurance against disruption caused by power outages
  • Front Panal AC Sockets – Versatile applications with 1 x 63A, 1 x 32A, 1 x 16A EEC sockets to quickly and easily connect appliances or equipment.
  • Plug In Controls – Both the remote start/stop control and EAS 1 auto mains failure panel connect directly to the front panal of the machine via a plug & socket arrangment.
  • Air-Cooled Ruggerini Engine – Tried and tested air-cooled engine with good spares backup and simple mechanicals
  • Security – Both the front panal & engine canopy can be locked.
  • Super Silenced

Further Details

AC Single Phase Generation 12 kVA (10.8 kW) / 230V / 52.2A
Service 100%
Power Factor (cos) 0.9
Insulating Class H
Engine Type Ruggerini RD210 Diesel – Water-Cooled – 4 S
Engine Output 14 kW (19 HP)
Engine Speed 3500 rpm
Displacement 954 cm3
Cylinders 2
Fuel Consumption 250 g/kWh
Noise Level 95 LWA (70 dB (A) – 7m)
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1320 x 790 x 750
Weight 297 Kg


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