MIG/Arc Universal Comfort Gloves gloves

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The leather used is considered heat resistance
You can hold a 100-degree hot piece in your hand for fifteen seconds. According to the new regulation the PPE protects against risks deriving from operations involving welding operations and related procedures, (CLASS 2) suitable for manual welding techniques with strong formation of splashes and drops such as: MMA welding (with base electrode or cellulose coated), welding MAG (mixed CO2 or gas), MIG (high current) welding, cored wire welding, plasma cutting, gouging, oxygen cutting, thermal spray painting, and for the operation of machines for example in confined spaces for welding and cutting in overhead or similar position, or in forced positions.
EN 420:2009 3 ; EN 388:2016 ; EN 407:2004 ; EN 12477:2001 + A1 2005
Product advantages

The leather selection comes from of one of the most important tanning centers in the world. Expert in recognizing the origin of the leather, the strength of the fibers and the quality to have in final products. From the selection and leather processing through the expertise from purchasing the raw leather up to cutting and sewing, each process is controlled and validated..
These high quality leathers are required to produce the most prestigious gloves in the sector.

Our gloves products were studied and tested by a team of professional welders to better understand the comfort expected by welders. This helped us to understand where the gloves and where are most exposed and more subject to deterioration. Thanks to these tests, we came to have a lightness, softness, ergonomics and durability that is unmatched in the market.

The thread who is used for the stitching is very important, we use a high tenacity thread. By norm
ISO 13938-1 the strength stitching must to be > 110 Newton, our bursting strength of stitching is 608 Newton.

Lincoln Electric company follows a moral obligation to look more and more towards an eco-friendly solution, so every leather scraps are collected to a certified company Italy (ILSA S.p.A.), which reuses the scraps and transform them into organic fertilizer.


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