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In any fabrication environment, productivity, safety and optic clarity are important. The VIKING 3250D FGS from Lincoln Electric provides enhancements to each of these elements when compared to a standard welding helmet. Designed for the professional welder, the 3250D FGS significantly increases the operators field of view with the integration of a clear face shield and side windows. These features can reduce the amount of time needed to conduct material setup, inspection and weld operations. The increased field of view can make general movements less hazardous and eliminates the need for removing the helmet to conduct various required tasks. This is coupled with an industry leading optic design, 4C Lens Technology, which maximises colour distinguishment while eliminating blur, distortion and providing a consistent shade at any angle. The 12.5-square-inch auto-darkening viewing area is the largest for this product type industry wide. This provides a perfectly clear widescreen view of the arc, puddle and base material to maximise quality, productivity and control.

Every professional fabrication task comes with its own set of circumstances and demands, but when it comes to productivity, safety and optic clarity, the 3250D FGS is the only welding helmet you need.

  • 4C Lens Technology provides an unparalleled view of the arc, puddle and base material while reducing eye strain
  • Perfect 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity eliminates distortion and blurriness while maintaining shade consistency and improving angle performance
  • 12.5 Square Inch Auto-Darkening Display offers a widescreen process view to broaden field of view and enhance operator control
  • Shade 5 Side Windows increases peripheral vision in the closed helmet position
  • Flame Retardant Head Covering provides protection from spatter and improves comfort
  • Large Integrated Grinding Shield protects operators from impacts while providing a clear viewing area for grinding and material inspection
  • Anti-Fog Coating helps maintain a consistently clear view
  • Axis Headgear provides multi-directional adjustments to evenly distribute weight and improve comfort

Maximizing Field of View

Viking Helmet Shield Diagram

4C Lens Technology Comparison

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