Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet Motorhead

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A New Design! Lincoln Viking Solar Powered Welding Helmet/Headshield 3350 in Motorhead decal (4th Generation 4C Technology Cartridge) & External Grind Button with FREE ACCESSORIES – K3034-4-CE + SUPPLIED FREE OF CHARGE- APPRENTICE/VEIWERS HANDHELD SHIELD

This is a fantastic value Welding Helmet because it is manufactured by Lincoln Electric to the highest standards.

VIKING 3350 Series – The new & improved VIKING 3350, our top-of-the line helmet series, is the ultimate blend of optics, comfort & versatility. 4C® Lens Technology – Broadens the colour range & hues which can be seen in both light and dark states. This eliminates imperfections and colour saturation to create the clearest view of the base material, arc & puddle. Perfect 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity – This rating is determined by measuring blurriness, distortion, shade consistency and angle uniformity of the auto-darkening welding lens. Extra Large Viewing Area – The viewing area of 8075 mm2 auto darkening lens provides a large field of view to increase versatility and operator control


  • Industry Leading Optics – 4C Lens Technology, 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity and extra large 8075 mm2 viewing area
  • All Day Comfort – Innovative X6 Headgear distributes weight, reduces pressure and optimizes balance
  • Increased Productivity – External low profile grind control
  • Professional Versatility – Optimized performance for all welding/cutting processes & environments
  • External flush grind button for ease of operation

Additional Technical Information:

Shade Range Switch –Togglebetween6-9or9-13.
Substantial View Size  – 95 x 85 mm, 3.74 x 3.34 in.
Magnifying ‘Cheater’ Lens Capable –  Easy to add Lincoln Electric lenses.
Top Quality LCD Optics –  Deliver a clear, natural view.
Meets ANSI, CAN/CSA and CE Requirements – 3rd party testing of cartridge design.
Welding Helmet Continuously Variable Delay – 0.1 – 1.0 sec.
Welding Helmet Continuously Variable Sensitivity – For use in different ambient light welding environments.
Internal Grind Mode – Use helmet as a grinding shield.
Battery/Shade Test Control – Pre-test helmet shade before welding.
Battery Compartment – (CR 2450 lithium battery required Qty – 1)
Low Battery Indicator Light
Internal Variable Shade Control – For shade 6-9 or 9-13 based on shade range selected.

Note: All Lincoln Electric UK Ltd products are subject to Lincoln Electric UK Ltd ‘EQUIPMENT LIMITED WARRANTY’ terms. (Copy available on request)

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Lincoln Electric


Helmet, Inner Lens(10), Outer Lens (10), Inner & Outer Lens (10)


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