TIG 207 AC/DC WELDERwith accessories SR 26DB

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Designed to weld: Aluminium, Steel, Stainless steel

Controlled by a micro-processor with a digital panel.

5 Memories : To save settings. Starting Up: • 2 possibilities: HF without contact or LIFT with contact Integrated Automatism: Adjust Ideal Position, helps you to position the electrode before the current increase.

A weak intensity is delivered, acting like a light beam (Available in 4T et 4Tlog).

3 trigger mode: • 2 Times • 4 Times • 4 Times «LOG”: The operator can choose at any moment by shortly pressing the trigger 2 welding current. (Hot current and cold current).

3 AC/DC mode: Allows to prepare parts by doing spot welding. • TIG: • TIG Pulsed: • TIG SPOT

Easy Pulse Mode: The operator sets the average welding current.

The device automatically adapts the frequency, the hot current and cold current.

Normal Mode: The operator sets the hot and cold current as well as the frequency.

Front plug for remote control: To connect a foot pedal for TIG (ref.045682) or a manual remote control (ref.045675)


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