Lincoln Vantage 500CE Multi Process Generator

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Compact, multi-process, excellent value

Includes a 3 year warranty

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The Vantage® 400 CE and 500 CE are one of the most compact and powerful engine-driven welders / generators in the construction, pipe or rental fleet market today. They are also the most quiet, with a smooth running 4-cylinder Perkins® watercooled diesel engines.
Use these multi-process welders for Stick welding with a large variety of electrodes, Lift TIG welding, CV welding with shielding gas or Innershield wires, and arc gouge up to 8 mm carbons for Vantage 400 and 10 mm carbons for Vantage 500.
You will value the superior arc performance delivered by exclusive Lincoln Chopper Technology.
You will also appreciate VRDTM (Voltage Reduction DeviceTM), which reduces OCV (open circuit voltage) in the CC-Stick weld mode for added safety.

  • Compact case with stainless steel enclosure
  • Arc gouging up to 8mm (VANTAGE 400) & 10mm (VANTAGE 500)
  • Downhill pipe welding mode. Excellent for cellulosic electrodes.
  • Built-in “hot start” for easier starts and restrikes.
  • Plenty of AC 50 Hz generator power: 3-phase 400V / 1 phase 220V / 1 phase 115V.
  • Reliable engine 4 cylinder, water cooled, 1500rpm Perkins Diesel engine.
  • Innovative Service Access
  • Stainless steel enclosure delivers added protection and durability.
  • Low noise to fit with new European norms.
  • Meet IEC974-1, and CE standards for safety and reliability.

Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored, Gouging

Product Name Product Number Rated Output Current / Voltage / Duty Cycle Output Range Type of Engine No. of Cyl. HP & Speed (rpm) Dimensions H x W x D (mm) Net Weight (kg)
Vantage 400 CE K2502-3 350A/34V/100%
30-400 DC Diesel Perkins 404D-22 4 28CV @1500 913 x 642 x 1524 560
Vantage 500 CE K2502-3 400A/36V/100%
30-500 DC Diesel Perkins 404D-22 TURBO 4 38CV @1500 913 x 687 x 1590 586


Note: All Lincoln Electric UK Ltd products are subject to Lincoln Electric UK Ltd ‘EQUIPMENT LIMITED WARRANTY’ terms. (Copy available on request)



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