Lincoln Powertec 271C MIG Welder

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Powertec® 271C
► Superior arc behaviour with premium starting performance and Arc stability .

► Excellent control with Burnback control, Spot welding function, 2/4 stroke feature and Additional voltage settings

► Optional volt and Ammeter

► Easy to change polarity.

► Professional wire feeding system.

► Equipped with Euro connector and ground cable assembly.

► Meets IEC974-1, -10 , ROHS and CE standards for safety and reliability.

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Powertec 271C MIG WELDER

The Professional’s Choice MIG Welder

Ready to weld package, including MIG torch, earth lead and 2-gauge regulator

The Powertec® 271C MIG welder is designed to provide a range of machines with a variety of welding outputs suitable for operating from a single-phase mains supply.
The Powertec® range begins with the 161C, which is ideal for the welding of thin sheet metal applications and repair and maintenance works. This machine has excellent arc and starting characteristics allowing you to complete your welding project efficiently, quickly and professionally with minimal spatter levels. It is a perfect tool for small workshop, car body repair or for the farm.
The Powertec® 191C and 231C have the power required for light construction applications, yet still offer the flexibility to weld thin material like the Powertec® 161C. The Powertec® 271C truly is the multi-purpose model in this range, ideal for both welding thin material and also light to medium construction work.

  • Superior arc behaviour with premium starting performance and arc stability.
  • Excellent control, with Burnback control, Spot welding function, 2/4 stroke feature (except PT161C) and additional voltage settings
  • Optional volt and ammeter (except PT161C).
  • Easy to change polarity.
  • Professional wire feeding system.
  • Equipped with Euroconnector and ground cable assembly.
  • Meet IEC974-1, -10, ROHS and CE standards for safety and reliability.

Flux-Cored (Innershield®), MIG

Product Name Product Number Input Power Rated Output Current / Voltage / Duty Cycle Fuse Size Output Range Dimensions H x W x D (mm) Net Weight (kg)
Powertec 161C K14040-2 230/1/50-60 150A/21,5V/20% 16A 30-150A
1.0 – 17 m/min
Max. OCV: 37V
615 x 390 x 825 53
Powertec 191C K14045-1 230/1/50-60 180A/23,0V/20% 20A 30-180A
1.0 – 20 m/min
Max. OCV: 42V
765 x 427 x 850 70
Powertec 231C K14046-1 230/1/50-60 220A/25,0V/20% 25A 35-220A
1.0 – 20 m/min
Max. OCV: 45V
765 x 427 x 850 80
Powertec 271C K14047-1 230/1/50-60 255A/26,8V/20% 32A 35-255A
1.0 – 20 m/min
Max. OCV: 47V
765 x 427 x 850 83


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